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              2013-06-08, Cara and Joel, Wedding  (new)
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2013-01-11, Trip to Farm with Carri 



              2012-11-29, Amy and Grandy Decorate the Oates Christmas Tree,
2012-11-23, The Becks Get a Christmas Tree,
2012-11-16, SNOMNH Dancers and Deities Exhibit,
2012-11-16, SNOMNH Hall of Natural Wonders,
2012-08-04, Amarillo High School Golden Sandie Band 1965-‘80 Reunion,
2012-06-29, Wind Turbines and Solar Panel Systems for Sale,
2012-06-24, OMRF Vertical Wind Turbines
2012-06-21, Amy, Carri, and Papa Do the Zoo,
2012-05-07, Amy and Cactus Flowers, SNOMNH, 
2012-04-29, Amy's Third Birthday Party, 
2012-03-28, Amy and Papa Give the SMO Pass Another Workout (pics with *videos* and *slideshow* function at Chuck's Picasaweb Site )
2012-03-26, Investigatin' Patterns at Science Museum Oklahoma (SMO) (pics with *videos* and *slideshow* function at Chuck's Picasaweb Site ), 
2012-03-xx, Chuck's Tee-shirt Series,  (updated)
2012-03-17, Amy, Off to a St. Patrick's Day Visit, 
2012-03-15, Spring Flowers at Louie's Restaurant, 
2012-03-14, Amy and Papa Space Out at SMO on PiDay, 
2012-03-09, Amy, Carri and Papa Visit SMO at "Tornado Alley" Introduction, 
2012-03-05, Amy and Papa Visit SNOMNH, 
2012-02-26, Feedin’ the Geese, Spring Hath Sprung, 
2012-02-06, Amy and Papa at SNOMNH—New Guinea Exhibit, 
2012-01-29, Marcie’s Baby Shower



              2011-12-28, Chickasha Festival of Light, 
2011-12-26, Grandy's 2011 Calendar, 
2011-12-26, Amy's Kitchen, Some Assembly Required, 
2011-12-25, Christmas at Carri, Dustin, & Amy's House, 
2011-12-24, Christmas Eve at the Cousins', 
2011-12-24, Christmas Eve at the Cousins' (pics with *videos* and *slideshow* function at Chuck's Picasaweb Site ), 
2011-12-15, Amy's Dance Class (pics with *videos* and *slideshow* function at Chuck's Picasaweb Site ) , 
2011-11-27, Christmas Tree, Trimmed with Amy's Help, 
2011-11-19 to 23, Fall Colors,  
2011-11-13, Visit to Chickasaw Cultural  Center (pics with *videos* and *slideshow* function at Chuck's Picasaweb Site )
2011-10-22, Amy's THIRD O.U. Homecoming (pics with *videos* and *slideshow* function at Chuck's Picasaweb Site )
2011-10-21, Visit to Martin Park, North OKC, 
2011-10-15,  30th Birthdays, Carri and Dustin, 
2011-09-30, Amy Dances to NNHS Band at Football Game, 
2011-09-30, Some Zoo Pics 'n' Videos (pics with videos at Chuck's Picasaweb Site ), 
2011-10-03, SNOMNH Visit on Freebie Monday (pics with videos at Chuck's Picasaweb Site ), 
2011-09-24, Amy's First Visit to Science Museum Oklahoma (videos at Chuck's YouTube Site ), 
2011-08-13, Jordan and Christian, Wedding, 
2011-08-12, Devon's Graduation from Basic Combat Training, 
2011-08-03, Amy's First Trip to SNOMNH, Part 1
,  2011-08-03, Part 2,  2011-08-03, Part 3, 
2011-07-30, Lunch at Louie’s, ‘Lissa’s cake, 
2011-07-28, OCCC SEM Center, 
2011-07-25, Trip to Zoo, Part 1
,  2011-07-25, Trip to Zoo, Part 2, 
2011-07-07, New Fence Goin' Up, 
2011-06-12, Anniverary Dinner and Zoo Trip, 
2011-06-05, Wedding, Part 1 of 2, Cait and Cody,  2011-06-05, Wedding, Part 2 of 2, Cait and Cody
2011-05-06, Amy’s First Haircut,
2011-04-24, Amy’s Easter Basket, 
2011-04-01, Norman’s Medieval Fair
2011-03-11, Signs of Spring, 
2011-02-05, O.U. Sooners, Women's BBall vs. Iowa State Cyclones, 
2011-01-26, O.U. Sooners, Women's BBall vs. Texas A&M Aggies, 



              2010-12-25, Christmas at Carri and Dustin's, 
2010-12-24, Christmas at Glenda and Joe's
2010-12-17 Pinning Ceremony, 
2010-12-?? Christmas is coming, 
2010-12-03 Flags at Norman’s Intrust Bank, 
2010-11-17, Beck-Oates Family Get-together,  and Associated Videos, YouTube link, 
2010-11-30 Tree Pruning, 
Grass Fire on 2010-11-27,  Grass Fire Video Clip, 
Beck-Oates Family 2010-11-17,  Oates-Beck Post-Thanksgiving First Video Clip,
2010-11-11, Fall Fell, *Finally*, 
Buddy & Betty 50th Anniversary Still Pics,  50th Anniv. Movie Clip-01,  Movie Clip-02,  Movie Clip-03,  Movie Clip-04,  Movie Clip-05,  Movie Clip-06,  Movie Clip-07,  Movie Clip-09,  Movie Clip-10, 
2010-10-30, Early Halloween Trick-or-Treat
2010-10-29, Amy's 18 Months Birthday
2010-08-29, One Crashed Critter
2010-05-30, Amy's First Trip to Westwood Pool, 
2010-05-09, A Trip to the Zoo on Mother's Day,  2010-04-11, A Trip to the Zoo
2010-03-28 O.U. Medieval Fair, 
recent oil drilling platform explosion and maps of the oil spill, 
Ice Storm Pics,  More Ice Storm Pics,  Even More,  Yet More, 

        The Late “Naught”-ies (2007 - 2009)    


              2009-12-27, Christmas Eve at Carri 'n' Dustin's, Three Days Late, 
2009-12-26, Christmas in Noble, 
2009-12-25, After the Christmas Eve Blizzard, 
Guthrie's Victorian Walk,  Territorial Christmas, 
Amy's Baptism, 2009-12-13
Christmas Tree Shopping, 
Enlightened Engravings Exhibit, 
Northwest Oklahoma Tour, 
O.U. Homecoming Parade,
O.U. South Oval Mums-1,
O.U. South Oval Mums-2, 
O.U. North Oval, 
O.U. University Blvd.

            Amy's First Trick-or-Treat, 

              Carri and Dustin B-Days, 

              Amy's First Zoo Visit,

              Amy at 3.5 Months, 

              Healthy Living Co-op: Organic Fruit and Vegetable Share, 

              Impromptu Family Rally at Mickey-D's, 

              Norman Train Station, 

              Cara's Last High School Soccer Game, 

              Amethyst Evelyn Beck--May 28, 2009 (Top 5 Links),

              O.U.'s 2008 Homecoming Parade (Top 5 Links),

              Cousin Jan & Jim's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party (Top 5 Links), 

              Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (Top 5 Links),

                  Shattuck (Okla.) Windmill Museum .

              Visit to Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History , August 2008

              Trip to the Farm , July 2008

              Shattuck (Okla.) Windmill Museum , July 2008

              Daylilies and Smoking Remains of Sweetgum Tree , June 2008       

              Oklahoma Walk Now for Autism , June 2008     

              Corvette Show at the RiverWind Casino, June 2008   

              Wichita Mountains Wildlife Preserve , May 2008

              Oklahoma History Center Visit , May 2008

              Prof. Oates's 60th Birthday Celebration , April 2008

              Science Museum of Oklahoma (née Omniplex) Visit , April 2008

              Spring Break in a Cow Pasture?  May 2008

              Oates Family Business Cards , Sue, Chuck, Lee, Carri, and Dustin, 1940 - 2008

              Thanksgiving Family Gathering, Noble, Oklahoma , November 2007

        The Early “Naught”-ies (2000 - 2006)

            Early-to-Mid 2000s

        The Nineties (1990s)                      

              Carri’s School Stuff             (Coming Soon)

        The Eighties (1980s)

        The Seventies (1970s)

              Chuck and Sue Take the Plunge , May 1970    

        The Sixties (1960s)       

              Chuck's Music Career          

              Chuck’s Academic Career      (Coming Soon)

        The Fifties (1950s)

             Grade School and Before     

        The Forties (1940s)

        The Thirties (1930s)

        The Twenties (1920s)

        The Teens (1910s)


-   Blog Archive    (past postings from MySpace.com) 


            These blog entries are still available on MySpace, but I’ll post the following for the MySpaceless in the crowd.

              The Fourth Quarter of the game is what I’m surely in, now that I’ve turned 60.  It’s time to look where I’ve been and consider carefully where I’m goin’.  This is, in some ways, just “How to Become a Med-Math Instructor without Really Trying (To)  (see 2006, below), written from a very different point of view.

              Some Interesting Websites for people searches, general information searches, reference questions, and podcast downloading are available in this blog entry.

              Oh, Please!  Say It Ain't So – videos of the destruction of my old high school by fire in 1970 are newly posted on the AHS Class of 1953 website, and my heart breaks.  Again.  


              Coal Tattoo – a coal miner’s song and a software engineer’s version(!) .    

              Beeeeeep, Beep, Be-Beep – a grapefruit-sized silver orb from the Soviet Union changes Prof. Oates’s life.    

              Laws of Life – the Laws of Life as seen through the looking glass of Mr. Murphy and his infamous Law.    

              New Slideshows – if you’d like to see what the O.U. computer and engineering world looked like c. 1970, here are the locations of some pics.    

              Desert Pete – the lyrics from this somewhat ancient Kingston Trio song are food for thought.    

              Google Sky – your virtual sky, including lots of Hubble Space Telescope pics, integrated with Google Earth.    

              Harder Than Rocket Science – oil production is peaking; unless we like depending on expensive energy from unreliable sources, it’s time for change.    

              Time for Solar and Wind Energy, Further Expanded – oil production is peaking; unless we like depending on expensive energy from unreliable sources, it’s time for change.    

              Time for Solar and Wind Energy – [Original version] oil production is peaking; unless we like depending on expensive energy from unreliable sources, it’s time for change.    

              How Will You Cope? – caring for and caring about patients:  how do you care without being overcome yourself?    

              Two Messages – these two items came from my former students; they’re good comments on life.    

              Sue's Departure from OCCC Counseling – an article about Sue in the OCCC Pioneer.    

              Supplementary Compensation – sometimes when I can’t remember why I continue to teach, someone sends the answer.    

              Definitely!since I teach in college, I’m allowed to grouse about spelling occasionally, right?    

              Don't Ask – Don’t ask “what next?”  Yet another family income source is about to disappear.

              Another Turning Point – Chuck’s entry into polite poverty.    

              Name That Tune!the bizarre history of some “officially” American songs.    

              A Little Easter Music Please, Maestro – an invitation try something a little different.    

              Vacation Destination: Niagara – looking for a summer vacation spot?  Here’s a great one.    

              A Modest Proposal – a healthcare system based on prevention.  What’ll they think of next?   

              Late Show – late classes and early canines.    

              Health Care & Maintenance, American Style – a lighter look at American healthcare and health maintenance.    

              Thanks, Guys!on-line office hours generate a blog.    

              Health Insurance – “only” 15.3% of US citizens are without health insurance.

              Some URLs You Need to Know – thanks to some long-standing public records laws and the WWWeb, we all now live in a small town:  everyone knows pretty much everything about everyone else, and it’ll get worse

              A Simile, an Aphorism, and a Blurb – advice to the lovelorn.

              The Rules – keep your promises--or else!

              Weapons of Math Instruction – one of the better variants of an item widely circulated on the Internet.


            Understanding Engineers (PG-13 Version) – a humorous guide to the characteristics and quirks of the engineering mind

            Insert Letter for 2006 Christmas Cards – Chuck’s 2006 Christmas letter

              Goodbye, PB – a salute to a departed colleague

              National Weather Center Open HouseNorman, OK, USA becomes a meteorology hub

            Twenty-one Rules – some good rules for living

            Lemons and Lemonade – about a very dark cloud with a silver lining

            How to Become a Med-Math Instructor without Really Trying (To) – a software engineer retires and ends up teaching Math for Health Careers(?!)



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