New National Weather Center, Norman, OK, USA



National Weather Center Open House

Here are some pictures from the Open House held at the new National Weather Center in Norman on Saturday, 4-Nov-2006. Youll probably need to set your browser size to full screen to correctly display these pics. This recently-opened facility is now home to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, units of the National Weather Service, and the University of Oklahomas Meteorology Department.

The facility seems to be the first successful step in establishing Norman and the OKC metro. area as a meteorology research center. We can all hope that it'll form the seeds of a research complex like the highly lucrative medical research center in North Carolina's "Research Triangle" in Raleigh-Durham, anchored by Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, and NC State. We're talking jobs and economic activity to keep us and our kids (in my case), from having to move out-of-state immediately upon graduation.







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