Academic Costume and

Academic Song, “Gaudeamus Igitur”



Academic Regalia Links


          -   Academic Regalia Description and History


          -   Academic Regalia Color List (colors for each major)


          -   Academic Costume Code and Ceremony Guide


          -   Your Field Guide to Academic Regalia from Rider U., New Jersey (caution: BIG--5 Mbyte .pdf)


          -   Who invented academic hats?  What do the colors and bars on the robes mean?


          -   Bachelor’s and Master’s Robe Examples (The Oates-Beck Family, Robed for 2005 Graduations, OU, OCU, and OCCC)



“Gaudeamus Igitur” Links


          -   “Gaudeamus Igitur” in the Graduation Program, University of Dundee, Scotland, 1999 (see bottom of page)


          -   “Gaudeamus Igitur” played on the University of Illinois Chime Tower


          -   Text for several versus of the Gaudeamus in Latin and English



          -   A better, less literal English translation of the verses of the Gaudeamus


          -   Sheet Music for The Gaudeamus (.pdf file)


          -   The Gaudeamus as a hazing technique (!)


          -   The Gaudeamus from Mother Rossiya